Yoga Journey

My Yoga Journey

Roopal Mudra

Let your story inspire the world!!!

My yoga journey is a testimony of faith, and I share it with all of you with truth and compassion. We all have a purpose in life and unique gifts to share with others. My story is about my struggles battling infertility and depression until yoga helped me.

In my journey to conceive, I had been mad and angry and also severely depressed. I couldn't tell anyone how I felt because from the outside, looking in, none could ever understand it and, from the inside looking out, one could not explain it!!! But finally, I have peace through yoga and the power of mantras! I surrendered myself and accepted all that came my way.

Journey of Self-Discovery

My yoga journey is a voyage of self-discovery. It's the most healing, humbling, life- transformative experience for me. It created a space for me to mend, love, and, expand. It helped me to find sanity in a hectic world. I cultivate a healthy body, a peaceful mind, a joyful heart, and, a vibrant spirit. Yoga proved to be a source for me to find a way to turn within and feel grounded, live in the moment, and feel one's breath, away from the frenetic outside world.

I was practicing dentistry before embarking on the life- transformative journey. In March 2010, I was diagnosed with multiple issues like- PCOS, blocked fallopian tubules, and, Tubular TB. There was no end to the treatments. I underwent- failed IUI (4 cycles), laparoscopic surgeries, and anti-tubercular drugs for six months. Doctors told me that due to Tubular TB and blocked fallopian tubes, I could never conceive. Thus, doctors advised IVF. I had three failed IVF cycles.

Infertility treatments became increasingly stressful and upsetting.  The absolute worst was the last stage of the cycle, the pregnancy test. I can think of nothing more heart-wrenching than knowing a negative pregnancy test result. Crying in bed became the norm for me and, not being pregnant enveloped my every thought. I felt miserable, both physically and mentally, and had forgotten about all of the positive things in my life. Other than my infertility issue, I was neglecting how blessed I was otherwise.

सभी को छोड़ के खुद पर भरोसा कर लिया मैंने, 

वो मैं जो खुद में मरने को थी जिंदा कर लिया मैंने।

Rishikesh Ganga pic

One fine day, I decided I will not negativity engulf my life anymore. All I wished was to wake up and embrace life instead of dreading it. I signed up for my first yoga teacher training in the yoga capital of the world: Rishikesh. The vibes of the city, in the lap of ma Ganga, my teachers, and, my school everything was just perfect. Staying in an ashram was an altogether different experience for me.

Magic in Progress

My training was humbling and transformative. From my very first encounter, I was hooked. I immediately drew to the Yama and Niyama part of yoga philosophy and the technical exploration of asanas. It was exciting and, I fell in love with the pure dichotomy of the practice: the stark contrast between strength and power compared to grace and surrender. The beautiful dance between the two extremes that happened on (and off) my mat every day is what I loved the most. I expected nothing and received everything with an open mind and open heart that eventually helped me understand that YOGA is ultimately the inner path to self-realization.

Yoga is not just about practicing asanas but a way of living. I loved the physical challenge and I started noticing the benefits: gaining strength, flexibility, and creating space in my body that I had neither felt nor experienced before. Soon it occurred to me that there was a more subtle, internal change happening as well.

For the first time since I could remember, I truly felt calm and at peace.


Train, Adapt, Evolve!!! Feed Your Soul !!!

I stayed for two months in this magical land-Rishikesh. After returning to Mumbai, I continued my practice religiously. In January 2014, I encountered a miracle in my life: I had conceived naturally. I got so inspired by my healing through the Yoga journey, that I knew I had to share this with as many people as possible. There was a newly awakened sense of purpose and awareness. I gave up dentistry and started working as the Chief Administrator for the yoga school.

Be An Inspiration

My motive behind sharing my journey with the world is to inspire people to live a life infused with greater states of peace and purpose. When someone tells me that I am a role model, an inspiration, or a ray of hope for them that in the true sense is my real reward. It is then that my personality serves the energy of my soul. Living with the realization that you are your healer, hero, and leader is my true authentic power. I use my energy to enrich the lives of others with love.

I am immensely grateful for all the opportunities that I have had over the years to reach and connect with amazing people from all over the world. Yoga reminds us to return to the essence of the heart.

"The power within us grows when we make progress in freedom & vision, I wish my life to be a statement of love and compassion".

Yoga Journey

Live to Inspire

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu!!!
May all beings be happy and free!!!

Hari Om Tatsat (हरि ॐ तत्सत्)