Yoga Hip Openers-Emotions In Motion

Supta Trivrikramasana

Emotional release is vital

Our response when we feel threatened or experience a sudden jolt? We draw our knees to our chest and curl up into a fetal position for protection. If we hear some devastating news, we retreat to the fetal position. Then, we weep and guard ourselves. It is a natural part of the “fight or flight” stress response. The action of drawing the knees in, no matter how dramatic, starts at the hips. We tightly clench our muscles but never fully release them. The lingering grasp of the hips traps muscular tension as well as emotional tension. It’s like a similar action when we are angry. We clench our fists and grind our jaws.

The emotions stay “stuck” or “trapped” in the body

It’s a primal reaction that we store stress, trauma, fear, and anxiety in the hips and, as a consequence, these bottled-up feelings create tight hips. Whether it is one traumatic event or multiple small events, the feelings of fear, anxiety and sadness get stored at the hips. We need to bring them to the surface and allow a release. Even after the threat has passed, we get filled with an emotional scar of whatever the situation dragged up. When we don’t process these emotions, they stay stagnant and hinder us from moving on. We suppress emotions for a longer time and thus, tighter the grasp.


The space between the hips is also the location of the Svadhisthana Chakra (second primary chakra) or energy centre. This chakra gets connected to our relationships with other people, which becomes the source of difficult emotions, whether it be feelings of abandonment, resentment, or loss. We notice difficulties in personal relationships and a sense of being stuck as this chakra is blocked or is out of balance. Hip-opener ignites this chakra. We open ourselves to finding forgiveness and understanding the root of emotions.

One of the most beautiful gifts that yoga offers us is a chance to sit with uncomfortable emotions and begin to work through them. It proves incredibly powerful and healing for those who work through things from their past or current situations. The holistic system of yoga leads to healing so that these emotional breakthroughs can occur.

“Your greatest healer- YOU”

Hip openers are a gateway to cleanse deep emotional stress. Stretching the hip muscles causes a release and allows emotions to escape. In this process, we acknowledge the feelings or experience and allow ourselves to let go of these hip-opening yoga stretches. Be cautious and go slow. We need time and consistent hip-opening practice to experience release.

Hip openers cleanse the body and welcome renewal

Thus, we need to be patient and gentle ourselves. Hip openers release negative feelings and unwanted energy stored in our system for years. The surfaced emotion feels like a weight lifted so, we feel lighter.

The emotions are also released through tears. We must feel the experience and trust that leads us to our highest potential and self. In this way, hip openers cleanse the body and welcome renewal. Whatever we feel on a mental, physical, and emotional we accept it as it comes. We must give ourselves the compassion and permission to feel how we feel.

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Author: Dr. Roopal Patel

I’m Dr. Roopal Patel from Mumbai. A Dentist, Mrs. India 2018 runner-up, an International Yoga Instructor, the Chief Administrator of a Yoga Institute, a fitness model, and an avid traveler at heart with an insatiable and burning desire to explore the world, having set foot in 100 countries across 6 continents as of now. An adventurous alpha mother and a spunky globetrotter who has a claim to fame: ‘Atlas in my hands, adventure in my eyes, and never-ending wanderlust in my veins.’ My aim in life is to inspire and bring a smile to every life I touch. I live by the phrase "Carpe Diem" and firmly believe in यद् भावं तद् भवति ।