Dr. Roopal Patel

I’m Dr. Roopal Patel from Mumbai. A Dentist, Mrs. India 2018 runner-up, an ERYT 500-hour certified Yoga Instructor, the Chief Administrator of a Yoga Institute, a fitness model, and an avid traveler at heart with an insatiable and burning desire to explore the world, having set foot in 100 countries across 6 continents as of now. An adventurous alpha mother and a spunky globetrotter who has a claim to fame: ‘Atlas in my hands, adventure in my eyes, and never-ending wanderlust in my veins.’ I live by the phrase “Carpe Diem” and firmly believe in-

 यद् भावं तद् भवति 

What we believe we become. I believe that everything is within our power and that power is within us. There is an entire unexplored cosmic universe out there that is beckoning us. A limitless universe that sets new sights and new standards for goal-setting each day. Dream until your dreams come true and when you dream, let them be BIGGER!!! Who said a woman can’t have it all?? Never settle for a life that’s anything short of extraordinary. Why shoot for the sky when you can shoot for the outer reaches of the vast celestial cosmos?

Be fearless! Be limitless! Be Different! Be You!

What makes you unique is your real strength! One’s potential goes way beyond the sky. Everyone has a story to tell.

Let your story inspire the world!!! 
Do the Earth a favor, don’t hide your magic!

Limitations live only in our minds.  With our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless. If you really want to make your mark in this world, connect with people at the root level. Give them the “The gift of Inspiration” and the reason that they believe in you. Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life. My aim in life is to inspire and bring a smile to every life I touch!

तेरे पीछे मतवाले, सब सोचे जगवाले,

आई थी इस दुनिया में कोई मतवाली,

हर दिल को तेरी याद, आए तेरे बाद,

ऐसा कुछ करती जा, फिर दुनिया से डोल ।।

My real reward is when someone sees me as an inspiration. My personality then serves the energy of my soul. When you inspire others, it brings out the best in you. Envision your highest form of SELF!!!

Decisions Determine Destiny!

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Peace! Love & Light! Namaste!

Hari Om Tatsat (हरि ॐ तत्सत्)